GiZmo Blaster

DeZynaDog GiZmo Blaster

Robust construction with metal housing, built for the professional to use for making a living, used by breeder and enthusiasts who want the best. This standard machine gives you probably the fastest and most impressive method of drying and dry grooming in the world. This machine makes ‘Power Grooming’ possible, giving the Groomer versatility with velocity of air flow so they can impact dryer, blast, de-matt, de-shed, dry groom and all with one fabulous machine. This machine is a true dream machine giving real results that are instantly visual. The superior construction of this machine minimises noise from the motors and housing. Labour saving investment with reliable history making this a top piece of kit in any salon.

Features: 2 quality 1000 watt motors, anti rust top housing, water resistant switch covers, two speeds, long specially tough, wide, reinforced hose with screw in feature, hose caddy, rubber cone style nozzle, spade style nozzle (can be used without nozzle for another option). Hair friendly wheels (4), easy clean tough filters, removable & replaceable head (service friendly).

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